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{Rebel Rangers}
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Welcome to the Rebel Rangers

We Are Recruiting!
The {RR} clan gives a warm welcome to anybody that speaks English:

What we are looking for:
- Are you 18 years or older?
- Do you have a proper working microphone?
- Do you have a passion for AAPG?
No history with cheats (your gaming account will be checked! Account must be Clean)

What we offer:
- A growing {RR} family with its own America's Army Proving Grounds server, located in the Netherlands.
- A teamspeak server for communications outside the game or within the clan TS Info
- A maintained and monitored website for applications, game discussions or anything you like to share.

Our main priorities are:
- Have fun in game as much as we can
- Have good teamplay / communications
- Keeping a clean and respectfull server/website for anyone Rules

Does this sound like what you are looking for?
Dont wait and join the {RR} Clan and submit right here : Join The Clan

Have a lot of fun and a great gameplay

The {Rebel Rangers}

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