Here are some website & chat rules and Website Permissions guid

Website and Chat Rules ( Means also for Signatures )

- You may not create topics that already exist on the forum
- The official language of the forums and chat is English
- You may not advertise other clans that are not {RR}Clan related (including sigs)
- You may not insult another person
- You may not name and shame another player
- If you have a problem with a person go handle it together or put a report here: Report Here
- You may not send abusive or offensive private messages
- You may not post any inappropriate signatures, images, or videos
- You may not use inappropriate language
- You may not discuss nor link to cheats, hacks, malicious programs, drugs, or illegal activities
- You may not post off topic comments, such as attempting to derail serious threads, or create topics in the wrong forum section
- You may not insult or make derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference
- You may not post death threats or other threats of violence in real life, directed towards either other forum users or members of Staff

Website Permissions
For the safety and the privacy of our members, we have set our site on limited for Guest, that means you will not have access to some topics,chat, memberlist or posting, we hope you will understand

30989593f58cd2366f_1544091657.png - Guest
Only see Home page and Forum limited
30989593f58cd2366f_1544091651.png - Registered user
Only see Home page and Forum limited, and access to Contact Us
3098951d9b3c125494_1544091645.png - Registered user who have has there account approved by a admin
Access to view forum, to post on Forum,can post in Contact Us, can post in Join Us, can view memberlist,
Can not view chat
3098951d9b3c125494_1544091623.png - Access all
Registered users who joined website and have the tag
( These tags will be given by {RR}Staff )