{Rebel Rangers} Membership


- You are 18 years of age at least
- You can speak basic English
- You have a love for gaming, especially America's Army Proving Grounds
- You enjoy teamwork in game or a fun chat in teamspeak
- You have no history with cheats, hacks (background check will be performed on any new member, account must be clean)
- An -ACI- backgroundcheck must be completed first, before recruiting period can start (this process can take up to 10 days)
- Recruiting time: 14 days, during which members can get to know you and vote on you during your trial
- As soon as backgroundcheck is completed a clanleader will contact you to start official recruiting period, and to add tag {RR-r}

 Member Rules:

- All members must use their {RR} tag ingame, if you remove your tag without notifying a clanleader as to why you have removed it, then we will consider this as you have left {RR} clan. Your rights on website, teamspeak and your name protection on the clan server will all be removed.
- We expect our members to check our website/forums weekly, we use this for announcements, fun talk and voting.
- We would like anyone to join teamspeak when they are playing AAPG on our server, it is a public and free teamspeak server so even non-clanmembers drop in now and then to have a talk.
- Do not accuse a player of cheating using in-game chat unless you have reasonable proof first. If you suspect a player of cheating, or want his background checked, please make a report to one of the clanleaders or -ACI- Streaming members/admins. Try not to bring the name-calling ingame as it makes us all look bad. Backgroundcheck requests will be followed up and member input on suspected gameplay is much appreciated, players will be watched!

- If a player is harrassing you, calling you something bad or just being disrespectfull please report him to ClanLeader/ServerAdmin and give them time to deal with it. Please don't make it a name calling contest, if you look bad it makes us all look bad. Please keep in mind that although we have plenty of admins, there are times none of them will be around/online (players tend to behave more when admins are online...), you can always make a report in Whatsapp group for urgent matters but please keep in mind sometimes problems can't be solved instantly.Make always a note: Full Playername / Date and time / Reasons

- If a member is caught using any kind of cheats/hacks, including but not limited to: macro's, .ini file changes, aimbots or wallhacks or Punkbuster screenshot manipulation they will be removed from our clan. They will also be removed from our website and teamspeak a report will be made to ACI including the removal from ACI streaming acces.

- Behave yourself on all servers TS and game. Give a good example by following our rules, respect other players and have fun!
- Respect all gamestyles. No complaining of rushers or campers AT ALL (unless "rule 2: no garden camping" is not being followed)
- Do not discriminate or insult players.
- In case members and/or admins break server rules or admin rules, clanleaders will discuss on consequences.

(we are a group of friends so it will never be our intention to kick people but to make a clan work and run smoothly we need people to follow our rules)
- Since we are a CLAN we do NOT allow our members to be in any other clan while being an {RR} member.

- You cannot allow a player to add our tag without them filling in our recruitment form, for instance if you are playing a game and your friend is playing it with you, you cannot just tell them they can add our tags.He/she must first apply to join {RR} through the right channels......

 Banning rules:

Anyone with linked banned accounts, this may include VAC bans, may be subject to a preventive BAN from our server. We do a thorough background check on our members, and we would like the players in our server to be without questionable cheating/hacking background as well.

If you have a ban from -ACI-, PBBansGGC or any other anti cheat organisation you must appeal your ban directly to them and inform us whenever the ban is lifted for us to check. If your ban was based on a ban notice from a cheat organisation you would likely be granted permission to play in our servers again. If your ban was given for breaking our rules on one or more occasions you can post a ban appeal at our forums. Clanleaders will decided together on the response to your appeal, it will be responded to within 14 days maximum.

 Voting Rules Forum:

- All Clanmembers need to do a vote during the 14 days trial of a recruit
- Clan decisions in our clan are made by the majority of votes.
- Any idea made by any member can be put up in the forum as a poll for Clanleaders and ClanMembers to vote on.
- A forum vote will last at least 14 days.
- Only Clanleaders and ClanMembers can create a vote in the forum.
- Members of {RR} can suggest a rule change at one of the clanleaders. This will be put up to vote for the entire clan.
- ClanLeaders and ServerAdmins can put up a vote to ban a player or clan, if they can put in reasons and reasonable proof to state theire case.
The vote will run for at least 14 days.
In the unlikely event a vote is tied, the ClanLeaders will have final say.

 Server Rules:

>>>>>>>>>>*SERVER RULES*<<<<<<<<<<
1.= NO SNIPER/SNIPER SCOPE @ INNER (Marksman is allowed)!
5.= MAX PING 150! We Remove high pingers if needed!
8.= Respect our Partner/Friends -SD- CLAN

 {Rebel Rangers} 

    Maclobster -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin / WebsiteAdmin / Website / TS3 / GameServer
    HuggyBear -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin / WebsiteAdmin / Financials 
    Guardian -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin  / WebsiteAdmin / Technician

    Adamboy -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin / Moderator
    007Freek -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin
    The Jackal -ACI- Streaming Admin / ServerAdmin
    McClay -ACI- Streaming Member / ServerAdmin
    Ghostdog -ACI- Streaming Member / ServerAdmin
    Ruben -ACI- Streaming Member / ServerAdmin
    Bruut ServerAdmin
    Hellenic Warrior ServerAdmin
    Chuckynl ServerAdmin
    Ponie_Met_Een_Hoed -ACI- Streaming Member / WarRanger
    Luukstar ServerAdmin
    Leojnav ServerAdmin
    John Wicksdog
    Scooby Doo
    Sous Chef

 You want to become a ServerAdmin?

You can only be considered for a admin position in {RR} if you meet the following conditions.
1.You have been in the clan for more than 3 Months
2.You are a member of ACI ( Streaming Admin or Streaming Member), register at www.anticheatinc.com
3.You are familiar with doing back ground checks on players. If you are not, someone will be happy to explain.
4.You are familiar with Punkbuster Screenshots and you think you know how to spot a hack/cheat/macro.
5.You are mature enough to take this role serious and follow all the rules of {RR} to the letter. You will have a big responsibility to give the best example you can give to other players in our server.
6.You must agree on the ServerAdmin Agreement posted on the forum (access will be given by a Staff if you apply for admin)
If you fill all 6 requirements there will be a vote in admin forum for all other admins, if the vote is successful you will be given admin status.


{RR}HuggyBear is our financial money man
A monthly status of our clans financial status will be posted in the forum by {RR}HuggyBear or Maclobster
All Donations will be used for our Gameserver / Website / Teamspeak and Domain. If funds incoming exceed costs funds will stay in the donation paypall account for next server payments.If there are any questions about finances,please ask {RR}HuggyBear.

The games we play

Want to be a member of {Rebel Rangers}? Apply  HERE 

Have fun and enjoy your stay with the {Rebel Rangers}